The Original Gnome Tree

AJ Williams 5/1/2022

It all started out when our grass came in, in the summer of 2021. Our grass was very green, extremely green! It was beautiful, it was super thick too. Like a large green carpet. Then I notice something in the front yard, just about darkness, I saw a little guy around our tree. It looked like a Gnome!

I watched for a few days…… before I went out. The grass was greener than it has ever been. I didn’t want to scare it away. I saw that the Gnome needed some tools, so the one morning I left him some garden tools. W e had to go away for a few days. When we came back I was shocked….. The Gnome moved into OUR TREE! There was a bunch of GNOMES living inside our tree. They slept all day and worked at night. They took real good care of our grass. In the morning we turn on our sprinklers & it would water the grass.

Did you know that Gnomes hate people’s water? They drink, and bath in their invisible water! I said, “Invisible water”. Their water is only visible when you take a bucket or a hand sprinklers and fill it with invisible water. It fills it and the gnome water is Visible! The Tree is loaded with invisible water.


There were whole families of gnomes living in our tree. I would leave old wood, flowers, & old lights and they would build their homes according to what I left there. I tried to build stuff but they took it apart and rebuild it.

They build ladders with old rope, sticks, and pieces of plastic. They LOVE to decorate their homes with Flowers. I tried giving them real flower, but sooner or later the flowers would die, so I gave them fake flower that BLOOMED forever. They luved them!


They would decorate BOOTS by putting Flowers in them! I guess they thought they were “FLOWER POTS”.

They would also Fish off the boards that held their doors!

They put a fishing pole with bait on it in the invisible water that surrounds the tree and as soon as the Fish bite the bait & got hooked the fish would become visible. I actually

saw a visible fish on the Blue Gnome fireplace being cooked.

In 2021 the Gnome Tree story grew more & more larger and the children in the neighborhood wanted to hear more.

The Wishing Well was a big hit because it would grant some wishes for some kids! It also provided invisible water so the Gnomes could bath & eat.

Then the biggest think occurred.

While I was cutting small piece of wood branches so I would be able to make stairs or a bridge I noticed that the internal core of the cut pieces were a STAR. A perfectly made star as part of the center core of the WOOD. I figured it was the MAGIC of the Tree itself. When I cut pieces of wood with any other knife the core would be messed up, but if I cut the pieces of wood with my magic shears then the STAR would be visible.

I felt I needed to share this with everybody who came to the tree.

So put pieces of wood that had STAR Shapes in a canister & gave everybody who wanted one pieces of Stars.

Told the kids to bury them at home to attract Gnomes. If the gnomes found the pieces they might help that family to build there own Gnome tree and help their lawn grow.

When people see this vial they can take FREE samples to plant in their own gardens and see if the gnomes find them. It may take a few time but sooner or later the Gnomes will come. It’s a GOOD LUCK THING.

The year 2021 ended when the Gnomes had to hitch a ride on the backs of the Geese and fly to FLORIDA for the Winter. The gnomes can’t handle the Snow because it gets too deep and that make it hard for the to get around. It’s also very cold on their feet .

Most of the old building they made fell into disrepair and the keeper of the Tree had to throw them away.


It’s MAY 2022 the first gnomes arrived with some NEW friends! Fairies.

Fairies & Gnomes don’t really get along together. Fairies say that the Gnomes smell different! They smell like burnt wood all the time, and gnomes say that fairies smell like candy popcorn!

The fairies took the north side of the TREE because they don’t like that much sun. The sun dries out their wings which makes it difficult to Fly. The fairies have a Horse with a horn in the middle of his head! What is the Horse called?

Keep an eye open for the next book and the story about the Gnomes and Fairies that return on the backs of Geese. The Gnomes bring back animals too to help them take care of the LAWN. These animals are very small but have magic colors? I wonder what they do?

The fairies also come back to assist in this task by helping the gnome and living in the GNOME TREE together!

The end,

…… .but the start of a new Beginning in 2022!

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