2022 Gnomes & Fairies living in Our Tree

by AJ Williams 4/30/2022

Its’ April and our tree is coming back from a deep sleep that it went on in the winter. The leaves fell off, the tree was bare. The Geese brought back a few of last years Gnomes that made our grass grow. They also brought back special Animals that are different colors. They look like miniature dinosaurs but they are really “Shrinking Ant-o-bods”. They can shrink and expand when they jump in the invisible water that surrounds our tree. The Gnomes can ride them and get more work done. They shrink really small by the morning when they get tired of working all night with the gnomes. Then they go in their pens to eat a huge breakfast before going to sleep. Around 9:00 pm then wake up and grow 50 to 100 times their size. Really cool! BUT only some humans can see an outline of them so no one steps on them.

The Gnomes also live on the Sunny side of the Tree. They built a bridge out of OLD Shoes laces, Sticks and planks of wood. The are not using as many flowers as last years only some flowers. Maybe later on in summer they will want more flowers! If you leave some of the flowers they might decorate their homes with them?

Guess what! NEW are the Fairies who took the North side of the Tree. The fairies work during the Day. They even have a Special Horse with a Horn coming out of the Center of it’s head. “That’s right a UNICORN”! It also has wings but special wings that grow real fast in the SUMMER. They can’t really start flying until June in Connecticut because it’s still chilly.

T he Fairies like to rest on their SUN PORCH, even one swings on a swing near the invisible water near the Wishing well. Her feet just touches the water sometimes and if you watch closely you will see droplets off her feet.

In May the Gnomes & Fairies had some humans visitors! See if you know them! Their mom took pictures of them looking inside the Tree. There were things inside. Can you identify any of them? Look for a Clothes line with clothes drying and a pair of boots? What else is in there?

The Fairies made a Cardboard Home at first but the rain came and the wind blew and that home wasn’t going to be safe. SO the Gnomes build them a Strong Wood home with a SKY Light on top so a Mom or Dad could use their phone as a Flashlight and the children could look inside the GLASS DOOR and see the fairies inside. With their stuff all around. Tell me what you saw?

BUT a dog was sniffing around and just didn’t know what it was while the fairies were inside. (gee I think that Dog was COZMO)

Their Wooden house was much stronger and safer than the CARDBOARD house that the fairies built.

They placed a Guard to watch for scary Dogs & Cats. Cats don’t like fairies because they can fly high up. They can’t so they get mad when they see a fairy & bite at their wings damaging them for a few days. Most fairies lose their wings about once a week and when they wake up, have all new wings.

MORE later….

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